Rand Paul: Dick Cheney Wanted Iraq War So Halliburton Could Make Billions

Rand Paul made a bold claim usually only made by liberals in a just-uncovered speech from 2009: Dick Cheney wanted war in Iraq so that his old company Halliburton would make boatloads of money.

Paul's surprising statement comes at 6:30 of the video:

While Rand Paul made these remarks 5 years ago as a candidate for Senator, his views on foreign policy have not changed since then. He stands alone as a highly suspected 2016 GOP presidential contender with his hands-off foreign policy. While the Republican Party has long prided itself as being tough on defense and military issues, Paul would rather see a greatly reduced role for the U.S. in foreign affairs.

With the Iraq War still a sour memory for most Americans, Paul's unique stance could pay him dividends and offer an interesting new stance in what will likely be a crowded 2016 GOP field.

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