Rand Paul Wants To Punish Refugees For His Failing Campaign

In a blatant attempt to score political points for his failing presidential campaign, Sen. Rand Paul has announced new legislation that would deal a brutalizing blow to refugees in America.

During this GOP presidential election, it has become disturbingly popular amongst the candidates to try and garner political support by targeting refugees and immigrants for discrimination and oppression. 

Donald Trump says he will build a wall around the US border with Mexico, the entire House of Representatives just passed a bill to block Syrian refugees, and now Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has introduced a bill that would aggressively strip rights away from refugees already in the United States. 

Sen. Rand Paul

The Bill - Keep Them Out

Paul's first restrictive bill was introduced hot on the heels of the Paris attacks. The bill would stop the issuance of visa's to those attempting to immigrate from countries with a "high risk"  of terrorism. 

In a statement released by Paul's senate office the politician had this to say concerning his bill: 

"The time has come to stop terrorists from walking in our front door. Numerous refugees from Iraq, including some living in my hometown, have attempted to commit terrorist attacks. The terrorist attacks in Paris underscore this concern that I have been working to address for the past several years. My bill will press pause on new refugee entrants from high-risk countries until stringent new screening procedures are in place."

Not content with merely sealing our borders, Paul has recently decided to take things an additional step further. 


The Amendment - Make Them Pay 

During an appearance on Fox News on Wednesday Paul made it painfully clear that he does not think refugees in this country should receive any type of government assistance. 

"Refugees come here and immediately are put on welfare. In Kentucky, we have a lot of people out of work, a lot of coal miners out of work. I've got disabled veterans saying to me on the phone just as recently as last night, that they are having trouble surviving on their disability payments as veterans, they don't understand why we're going to take in the world's poor and put them on our welfare programs," Paul said. 

In order to prevent refugees from receiving any more American money, Paul is attempting to pass an official amendment to prohibit the distribution of benefits to these huddled masses. 


The Jerk - Rand Paul 

This amendment is a shameless attempt to grab the spotlight by a politician who has been pushed so far to the periphery in the minds of American voters that he has popped right out of their ears. 

Paul is trying to churn out as money anti-refugee bills as he can while the public mood toward them is still so fearful. 

Rather than rising above his own ambitions to champion the needs of a group of people that could really use it, Paul has instead decided to cash in their lives for a few political points. 

Rand Paul is not going to be the next president of the United States. He is not even going to win his parties nomination come February.

If he keeps this up the only thing he will be remembered for is being the man who tried to make his way to the top by stomping on the faces of those who truly needed his help. 

History does not recall such characters with fondness. 

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