Range Rover's Chinese Copy Looks Real But Costs One-Third Of Original

When it comes to making copies, China is in a class of its own.

If it already isn't, China's nickname should really be the Land of excellent copies as Land Rover would attest.

With its new Range Rover Evoque, the British automaker was hoping to gain a foothold in the crowded Asian market. But upon arrival a surprise awaited them. The SUV they planned to capture the market with already has an exact clone in the local market and it costs just one-third of the original.

While a standard Evoque's price range starts from $65,000, its Chinese replica – the Landwind X7 – costs only $21,700. The similarities between the two cars are such that even the original Range Rover makers would struggle to distinguish the two.

The locals are happy to own the copy as it is just as easy on the eyes but is also significantly light on the pocket. The machines under the hood are different, with the Evoque having a clear edge but cost benefits are forcing X7 lovers to accept that one drawback. As a result, the people behind the original Evoque are running scared.

Range Rover, Landwind X7

“We do not want to comment on the specifics relating to Landwind X7,” a Jaguar Land Rover spokesperson told Business Insider in an email. “But it’s safe to say protecting our intellectual property is something we take very seriously.”

On the face, the JLR rep may have shown the will to fight but the company's previous comments on the subject showed that there is pretty much nothing they could do about it.

When the X7 appeared at the Shanghai Auto Show back in April, Jaguar Land Rover CEO Ralph Speth fumed but admitted his company's helplessness.

Range Rover, replica Landwind X7

“I really regret that all of a sudden copy-paste is coming up again,” Speth said. “That will not help the reputation of China, of Chinese industry at all. There are no laws to protect us, so we have to take it as it is.

“In Europe, we can be protected against this kind of copy-paste in the design language, in the features but also the technology. You can’t be protected in China."

Check out below how similar the two really are:

chinese range rover

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