Rape Victim Facing Prosecution In South Korea

A teacher from Canada was sexually assaulted in South Korea and could face charges for testifying in court.

An educator from Canada, living and teaching in South Korea, was followed home by a sexual predator and assaulted in the stairwell of her apartment building.  The woman — whose identity is being kept secret — was attacked last year.

She reported the attack to police, the man is a known offender and wealthy professional. Unfortunately, the horror didn't end there. 

 “His family started coming to my apartment building, because in Korea you are allowed to bribe the accuser not to press charges.”  She refused the money and won her case in court. However, it was thrown out on appeal.

 “The first trial, I won the first trial…and then during the second trial, he won…and he won because it came out that the original police report didn’t say that I was raped.”

Now the man she accused is going after her in court.

”He is now trying to press criminal charges against me, so I have to speak to the police officers. I’ve spoken to them once. He’s trying to charge me with false accusation and perjury, basically lying on the stand.”

Worried about jail time and expensive legal fees, the woman still wants to stay in Korea, a country she has called home for six years.

Friends have set up a fundraising page via gofundme.com to help with legal costs. The fundraising page was updated today with a note that reads: 

Thank you everyone for your overwhelming show of support. The victim has reached enough money to pay for her initial legal bill and has been offered some legal aid should there be further action taken by this deplorable predator. 

Any further money will be held until the case has hopefully been officially dropped and then donated to a local women's charity to help women facing similar situations.

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