Rare Baby Cheetah Cubs Prepare For Japanese Debut (Video)


Five cheetah cubs are ready for their public debut at a zoo in Tokyo. These cuddly newborn cheetah cubs are just a month old and they're gearing up for their public debut.

Two King Cheetahs at the park welcomed the babies in January. They're no ordinary cubs. Caretaker Kanji Nomoto says the breed is unique because of the stripe pattern on their fur. "So they're very rare. In terms of how rare they are, it's been said that there are probably only a few dozen in the wild and in captivity. The Tama Zoo in Japan is the only place where they exist. They're a rare enough animal that if you want to see them in Japan, you have to come here."

Visitors are sure to be seeing stripes when they visit the park in Japan. The addition of the five newborn cubs brings Tama Zoo's total number of cheetahs to 22.

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