Mother Nature Gifts Hawaii A White Christmas Wrapped In A Rare Blizzard

Mother Nature, you sure know how make Christmas a grand affair.

One of life’s most charming ironies happened this winter. The rare appearance of a snow blizzard gave the residents and tourists of Hawaii a dose of a white Christmas – yet many cities that are often a winter wonderland remain barren in brown hues during the holiday season.

While snow-capped mountains are a frequent sight in the area, a blizzard that blanket the tropical getaway is a rarity. Meanwhile, snowy cities in Ohio, Wisconsin, New York and Illinois didn't get a white Christmas.

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Hawaii's yuletide weather started when weather forecasts predicted 12 inches of snow:

Naturally, other people wanted to look in on it too:

Of course, with snow arriving at a prominent tourist spot where people tend to hike up mountains, authorities would end up doing things like this: 

This was after 60 hikers reportedly had to be rescued from the summit of island of Kauai.

But look at how beautiful nature can be:

Here’s another of Mauna Kea:

Usually, snowmen exist as sandmen in Hawaii:

But this year – someone managed to do THIS:

Alas, Hawaii was not covered in snow entirely. But that doesn’t stop Mother Nature from looking its best.

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