Bill Maher To Christian Hypocrites: 'Just Admit You're Selfish!' VIDEO

Bill Maher on Friday lashed out at those Christians who refused to help people that didn’t share their values; despite the fact religion tells them to do so.

Now, I am sure there are millions of Christians who try to actually follow Jesus, but you gotta admit, conservatives always seem to have a reason why they would love to give, but they just can't.”

Don’t say you’d like to help but your hands are tied,” he continued,“because if you did, it would cause a culture of dependency or go against the Bible or — worst of all — rob them of their freedom to be sick and hungry.”

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Citing multiple incidents involving conservatives refusing to help needy people, especially in the “Bible Belt” state of Missouri, Maher said it was okay to do that as long as these Christian “hypocrites” were honest about it.

Just admit you’re selfish. And based upon how little your beliefs mirror the actual teachings of Jesus, you might as well claim to worship Despicable Me.”

Maher ended the show with a piece of advice for the future victims of Christians with double-standards.

 “Yes, there's always a good moral Christian reason to tell everyone you meet to f*ck off and die. Fair enough. But if you're a waiter, and you ever get one of those fake $10 dollar bills, do me a favor, and next time you're in church, drop it in the collection box.”

You can watch the complete segment in the video above.

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