Really, GOP? You’re Building Fake Websites To Swindle Donations From Democratic Candidates? So Weak.

The Republican Party is making fake websites for Democratic candidates for Congress, and they're getting away with it.

Take a look at this website featuring Alex Sink, candidate for Congress in Florida in the 2014 election.

Republican Party, fake websites, Alex Sink

If you clicked on the $100 box, filled out your information, and hit “Contribute,” who do you think that money goes to?

Sink’s official campaign? The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee? A PAC supporting Sink?

You would think that unless you noticed the word “defeat.”

This is not a website supporting Alex Sink, a Democrat, is a website made by the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) designed to look like a website that supports Sink, but actually funnels money from her supporters to the NRCC.

And it’s not just Sink, here are three more fake websites 2014 Democratic candidates for Congress.

republican party, fake websites, alex sink

Again, one would not realize they are donating to the Republican Party unless they happen to catch the word “defeat.”

Reports state that there are at least fifteen of these sites out there.

Don't sites like these have to say who runs them and where the money is going? Yes, and they do. Kind of. Here is an example of this “disclosure” on the fake website for Democrat John Tierney:

Who uses white lettering against a beige background? Someone who has to write what they are writing but doesn’t want to be noticed.

One final point: this isn’t some fringe, Koch-brother funded group doing this. This is an official branch of the Republican Party. That’s shameful. It’s also, according to legal scholar Paul Ryan (not the prominent Republican Congressman of the same name), likely illegal. However, given how slow moving and reluctant to sanction a political party the Federal Elections Committee is, this stunt will probably be worth it to the Republican Party.

We’re not going to get too far in this country until we have two parties that would rather lose than cheat to win.

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