4 Reasons Why Israel’s Reality Distortion Field Works So Well In The U.S.

How Israel manages to get the United States to dance to its own tune.

The rhetoric and story line used by the mainstream American media would have you believe that Israel was once again the real victim in the latest Gaza crisis. Exaggerated and often one sided reports point to Hamas "bombings" and comparisons to doomsday "what if" scenarios are drawn to highlight and compare the situation as being similar to U.S cities under attack, Jewish entertainers like Joan Rivers have compared the Hamas rockets to New Jersey hurling bombs at NYC.

Last we checked, NYC had not annexed New Jersey, occupied it, shut off their water supply, built illegal settlements and subjected its citizens to an apartheid system.  

So why then are Americans so oblivious to what is happening in Gaza?

Why do they turn a blind eye to International media reports and eye witness accounts on the ground that present a diametrically opposite picture to the news they are fed? 

Here are 4 reasons why the Israeli bias is so strong in the U.S.:

1 - Strong Jewish Ownership and Management of Mainstream Media

The storyline on Israel is tightly controlled in newsrooms with a heavy pro-Israel bias.

The bias is apparent everywhere and includes TV networks, newspapers, publications, Hollywood entertainment, motion picture production companies and even social media networks.

2 - Israeli lobby AIPAC exerts heavy influence on the U.S. political system. 

Dissent is punished and is often fatal to the career of aspiring and incumbent U.S. politicians. Many congresspersons have lost their seats after speaking out against Israel or showing even the slightest of sympathies to Arab causes.

Rep. Cynthia McKinney, who lost her Congress seat, had also been an outspoken critic of AIPAC. In his book "They Dare to Speak Out," former Rep. Paul Findley speaks about this influence in great detail. More recently, former President Jimmy Carter has started openly questioning the influence of Israeli lobbyists on American politics.

This influence is not just limited to politics, either. Helen Thomas, a veteran White House journalist, lost her lifetime achievement awards and honorariums after criticizing Israel and projecting her support for the Palestinian people.

Conversely, all AIPAC events are attended diligently by U.S. politicians. The legendary AIPAC roll call reveals that both sitting and prospective U.S. presidents are normally in attendance, as are the most prominent senators and congresspersons in charge of the most influential foreign policy committees. The AIPAC attendance has become a rite of passage of sorts, a filtration mechanism to gauge the success of politicians – The overwhelming sense is that the more loyal you are to AIPAC and to the State of Israel the more you increase your chances of success in U.S. Politics..

This influence has paid handsome dividends for Israel. It is the top recipient of aid going to any foreign country. Billions of dollars are earmarked in economic and military aid each year and billions more are offered for the appeasement of Israel on “sensitive” foreign policy matters.     

3 - Calling Israel Out on War Crimes Is Equated As Anti-Semitic

Civil rights groups, groups against Israel’s occupation of Palestine, are sidelined by claims that they are anti-Semitic even though some of these outspoken organizations happen to be Jewish. Jewish Voice for Peace and other groups are examples of very bold but limited influence. 

Dissenting voices like that of Amy Goodman on Democracy Now and even those of Dr. Norman Finkelstein and many others are relegated to fringe media networks often poorly funded and not seen by the mainstream American society. International media entities, especially those that don’t tow the official Israeli line are often targeted in Palestine.

4 - U.S., Israel Intelligence Sharing Network

Post 9/11, U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies have worked very closely on intelligence gathering often at the detriment of Muslim communities or groups opposed to Israel’s Apartheid policies.

NSA spying and Wikileaks combined with Snowden leaks have revealed a very strong Israeli-American intelligence agencies nexus. Israeli firms like Aurec/Amdocs have built and manage the backend data systems for American telecom carriers and hence have access to a vast trove of communication records of American citizens. 

As reported by John Snowden and Glenn Greenwald, Israeli officials have unlimited access to this information on U.S. citizens and can cull this information to their benefit or against that of communities and individuals opposed to their line of thinking and interests. Witch hunts against Muslim American communities in New York and New Jersey have been carried out, Pro Palestinian academics and human rights activists are routinely targeted and harassed. A general sense of Islamophobia permeates the air and is backed by rabid Zionist organizations and extreme right-wing politicians.

No other foreign country exerts as much influence on the daily lives and pocketbooks of American citizens as Israel.

Imagine if you will if the roles were reversed in the current conflagration in the Middle East, and an Arab country was bombarding a small Jewish population to oblivion and subjecting them to an apartheid, ghettoized experience, reminiscent of the days of Nazi Germany. How would the U.S media and politicians be reacting in such a scenario? This hypothetical nation would be ostracized and threatened with a fearsome military intervention and a total economic boycott by a coalition of nations led by the United States. It is clear that Israel’s reality distortion field works wonders in the U.S. and protects it from such a fate.

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