Internet Has Found A New Blonde Hunter To Hate On

Rebecca Francis' smiling photo next to a dead giraffe has made her Internet's latest villain.

Ricky Gervais shames giraffe killer Rebecca Francis on Twitter

A Utah-based animal hunter has received death threats after smiling photos of her posing alongside dead animals surfaced online.

Currently the number one villain for thousands of animal rights activists, Rebecca Francis is a mother of eight and an avid big game hunter. She is also the winner of the reality TV series Extreme Huntress as well as the co-host of the Eye of the Hunter.

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While she has publicly boasted about killing many wild animals, including, but not limited to, bears, moose, deer, sheep and rams, her antics had gone largely unnoticed. This, however, changed when British comedian tweeted a photo of Francis.

With that, everyone took notice and the Internet soon flooded up with more pictures of Francis and the animals she had killed.

Rebecca Francis

Hunter Rebecca Francis

Big Game Hunter Rebecca FrancisFemale hunter Rebecca Francis

As expected, it infuriated the animal loving Twitter users who took aim at Francis with all guns blazing.

Some crossed all limits and even threatened the grandmother of nine publicly.

Like always, the Internet warriors didn't give the accused a chance to explain herself. A clarification finally came via


We just connected with Rebecca Francis and got a statement on her Giraffe hunt that anti-hunters are attacking her for. ...

Posted by on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Francis' case and the subsequent backlash are eerily similar to what happened to Kendall Jones in July 2014. Like her, Jones was also the target of death threats after images of her posing with a dead lion appeared online. Jones repeatedly said it was a conservation effort with the proceeds of the hunt going to local farm owners, but her haters couldn't see past the red mist.

As Vanderbilt University's professor Kelly Oliver later explained, the sight of a female hunter upsets people far more than it does when men do it. Trophy hunters are a predominantly male cohort, yet it's the females who are always picked on by the Internet's vultures.

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