Court Will Not Allow Divorced Couple to Undo Divorce

This New Hampshire couple’s story is a lesson for all spouses to think twice before getting a divorce.

Hampshire couple’s story is a lesson

A couple who filed for divorce last year but reconciled their differences are not able to undo their divorce, despite trying to convince two New Hampshire courts.

Terrie Harmon and her ex-husband Thomas McCarron, married for 24 years, decided to call off their marriage in 2014. Eventually the couple had a change of heart and wanted to get their divorce undone, but it turns out, that is not an easy thing to do in New Hampshire.

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Earlier this month, New Hampshire Supreme Court, passed a decision to uphold a lower court ruling and refused to make the couple’s 2014 divorce void. In passing the motion, both the courts stated that the law allows them to grant divorces, not to undo them.

Courts' positions in this regard depends on which state the divorce takes place. States like Illinois, Nebraska, Mississippi, Kentucky, Maryland and Arkansas will undo a divorce within a certain time frame at the couple’s request. States like New Hampshire, South Dakota and New York, however, have no legal authority to vacate a divorce.

Attorney Joshua Gordon appointed to argue on behalf of the lower court’s stance, stated that allowing the couple’s divorce to dissolve might “jeopardize the finality of all divorces.” Which is quite ironic because shouldn’t be the state more concerned about the finality of marriages?

During the couple’s court appeal, Harmon, who is also a lawyer, argued that the bill was created to balance the interest of conflicting parties, not people who wanted to get back together. Although the couple tried very hard to back up their argument, the law and previous New Hampshire verdicts were deemed final.

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