Record Breaking Rain Paralyzes Life In Long Island, New York

Still think Global Warming is just a fancy textbook concept?

New York

Long Island has had more than its share of aquatic calamities but none come close to matching the instant deluge that Wednesday's record-breaking rainfall caused.

It almost literally rained cats and dogs as the island's residents evacuated their homes and abandoned their vehicles in order to save themselves from the record downpour.

Total rainfall for that 24-hour period was recorded at 13.27 inches, which is almost 2-inches more than the previous record. It rained 5-6 inches within the first hour, and caught Long Island residents completely by surprise, leading to scenes like these:

It is pertinent to mention here that it rains just under 12 inches on average during the months of June and July, but this time it rained 13.27 inches in just a single day, and that too without any tropical storms or hurricanes to watch out for.

These unseen precipitation events, which weather experts have been unable to forecast, have become more common since the 1950s, and scientists believe global warming is to be at least partly blamed for it. It makes sense too, as the higher the temperature goes, it adds to the evaporation process and also increases the environment's ability to hold moisture. Result is briefer but far heavier downpours.

Not only does it paralyze civic life, it takes a heavy toll on the city's infrastructure too. It's about time that the authorities realize that global warming is much more real than a textbook concept. It's time that serious measures are taken to drive down the average temperature of Earth's climate system or Long Island-like flooding would become a much more common sight.

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