Red Bull Hasn't Given You Wings? Sue Them And Get Their Money

Red Bull is handing money to those who drank their beverages, but got no wings.


Red Bull GmbH has long been selling its world famous energy drink with the promise that it 'gives you wings,' but there hasn’t even been one case of anyone developing flying abilities.

The Thai company was taken to a U.S. court through two class-action lawsuits earlier this week on account of what the plaintiffs claimed was false advertising. The beverage maker admitted its mistake and agreed to cough up $13 million in monetary compensation to people who have consumed their product since it started using the 'wings' slogan in its advertisements.

It maintains that it did nothing wrong, but has agreed to pay the settlement cost in order to avoid the court case and all the negative press that comes with it.

While the multimillion dollar settlement sounds generous, it will be anything but that, when divided among millions who have lined up to grab a piece of the pie.It was originally believed that the total sum would be divided among the million or so consumers, netting them each $10 to $15 of pocket change. 

However, since being reported by the mainstream media, millions more have thrown their hats in the ring, meaning the per person share would likely go down even more. The webpage set up for registration has been receiving so much traffic that it has crashed multiple times. Just Buzzfeed's report on the news has received more than 5 million hits, which shows how excited people are to pocket a few extra dollars.

But that's just speculation at this point as no official word about how the funds will be disbursed has been revealed yet. The court will have a final say on the distribution of money in a special hearing on May 1, 2015.

To get your money, you can file a claim form and send it to the following:


Class Action Settlement Administrator at Energy Drink Settlement, c/o GCG, P.O. Box 35123, Seattle WA 98124-5123


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