Redditors Break Records To Help Earthquake-Hit Nepal

The Internet community on Reddit gathered to help out Nepal and they did wonders.

Nepal Updates

Nepal was hit by an immense 7.8-magnitude earthquake on April 25 and just when it was getting back on its feet, another earthquake ripped through the country on May 12.

Nepal can't seem to catch a break, but help is also pouring in. As we well know by now, the Internet is full of people who just love getting together to help others out.

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Nepal’s devastation and suffering are not an exception: A call for action started on Reddit with “Imgurians Assemble – Nepal Needs Our Help.”

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“Just like we did five years ago after the Haiti earthquake, we’re kicking off this initiative with a donation from reddit inc. for $2,000. Time and time again, the communities that make up reddit have risen to the occasion and we have every reason to believe that you all will do it yet again. Let’s help the people of Nepal with more than just our upvotes (but if that’s all you can afford, spreading the word about this fundraiser is a good place to start),” Reddit asked.

Donations started pouring in almost instantly:

“Donated 5 dollars, every little bit helps I suppose,” said TreeOhhTree  

“I donated 1000$ to support a family who lost their brand new, just built home. Life savings dropped into it... all gone,” wrote zenunchucks.

“Donated $100. I will manage, they won't,” responded BadgerSims.

The Internet community donated over $145,000 to Direct Relief and $110,129 to MAP International. The amount collected went "above and beyond" the goal of $185,000 (the amount raised five years ago for Haiti.)

That’s not all. With the help of Redditors’ donations, Direct Relief was able to ship 50 medical supply pallets to Nepal, bought $260,000 worth of aid materials and provided emergency airlifts. 

Redditors now comprise 30% of the 10,000+ donations received for Nepal so far.

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