Dozens Of Dead Refugees Found In An Abandoned Chicken Meat Truck

Police first thought the parked vehicle had mechanical trouble. But then they "saw blood dripping" from the vehicle and "noticed the smell of dead bodies.”

UPDATE: Austrian police confirmed the final death toll, saying 71 refugees, including eight women and four children, were found dead in the truck.


In yet another tragedy involving destitute refugees trying to get to Europe, dozens of migrants were found dead in a truck abandoned on a motorway in Austria.

The police first stopped by the truck thinking that the parked vehicle – with Hungarian license plates – had mechanical problems. But then they "saw blood dripping" from the vehicle’s locked doors.

Authorities believe the people may have died from suffocation as they were stuffed inside the trailer like cattle.

Initially, the police couldn’t give the exact death toll because, according to the Daily Beast’s Barbie Latza Nadeau, the bodies had started to “decompose and meld together.”

Channel 4 news reporter Lindsey Hislum, who was covering the incident, described the grisly scene on Twitter:

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The refugee crisis of Europe has dominated news this year ever since hundreds of refugees aboard dilapidated vessels died in the Mediterranean Sea in April.

French and German leaders are attempting to hit on a solution to what has been described as the worst refugee crisis since World War II.

However, little has been done so far to solve the issue.

"If Europeans want their governments to regain control of their borders, they must offer migrants and asylum-seekers official (European Union-wide) channels to enter and stay in Europe," François Crépeau, the United Nations' special rapporteur, or independent expert, on migrant human rights, said this week.

A record number of 107,500 migrants crossed the European Union's borders last month and on Wednesday police counted more than 3,000 crossing into Serbia.

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