Remains Found Likely To Be Australian Girl


Police in Hickory, North Carolina, are holding a press conference to announce what they're describing as a significant development in the disappearance of 10-year-old Australian girl Zahra Baker. They've been searching for her for over a month, but new evidence was recovered and sent to a police laboratory for analysis yesterday.

Our Washington correspondent Craig McMurtrie joins us now with the latest. Craig what have investigators announced this morning?

Well, a very sombre Hickory police chief Tom Adkins spoke to reporters, He didn't take questions; he just gave a statement saying that it was with great regret that he was standing before the reporters today to say that police believe they know have enough recovered evidence to believe that they have found Zahra Baker.

This is based on DNA results back on a bone that was found some time ago at a place called Christie Road, just outside Hickory, where Zahra Baker lived with her American stepmother and Australian father. They have matched DNA from that bone with samples taken from personal items from the family home.