Remembering Momofuku Ando With A Bowl Of Ramen

That mysterious guy on Google today is none other than Momofuku Ando, the inventor of instant ramen.

If you went onto Google at any point today, you may have noticed that today's Google symbol is dedicated to an old Japanese man with a bowl of noodles. That man is Momofuku Ando, and we would not have instant ramen noodles without him.

Today, Momofuku would have been 105 years old. However, he died a few years ago at age 96. Momofuku's legacy will live on for many years to come, and it's thanks to him that anytime you get really hungry, you can have a delicious lunch in less than a minute.

Although maybe not as popular in the West, Momofuku's invention was voted the top invention of the 20th century, and if you go to Japan nowadays, you'll see why.

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So, how did this guy come up with such a revolutionary idea anyway? And where did he come from?

Momofuku Ando was actually born in Taiwan, and moved to Japan after WWII. He worked a lot of interesting, odd jobs, and it wasn't until much later in his life that he got the inspiration for instant ramen.

One day after the war, Momofuku was in Osaka, when he noticed a bunch of people huddling around a ramen stall. Back then, it probably took a lot longer to make ramen, and that's when Momofuku realized that a simple dish, if made instantaneously, could be the answer to famine.

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Although the story has a few different versions, instant noodles can be directly attributed to Momofuku Ando.

Next time you eat a bowl of delicious, instant ramen noodles, you can think of this guy, who said "mankind is noodlekind."

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