Drones Go From Being Lethal To Creepy

The suspicious activity of a drone, as witnessed by this woman, will have you calling for all of them to be grounded permanently.


We’ve all heard at least one drone story. The amazing machines are being used from bombing humans to delivering packages.

However, the story that Redditor Forthelulzaccount shared will give you the creeps..

She tells of the time she was sunbathing on a private residential beach in the city of Virginia Beach, Va. with her mother when both of them heard a strange noise overhead.

Here’s her story in her own words, “We heard this whirring noise above us, and I looked up and saw a remote-controlled plane—one of the square ones that can move really articulately in all directions. No big deal. I turned back down and napped more. Then I noticed: A. It was getting really close to women. Like, straight up in their asses close, flying really low, staying there for probably three minutes at a time; and it had a camera on it.”

Naturally, she freaked out. When the woman looked around, she saw a teenager and his father maneuvering the drone from a remote control. When confronted, the father made light of it, initially, and tried pacifying her.

"Fine, it won't go near you," he said.

"No, I need it out of the sky. Now. You are violating every woman on this beach. Get it out of the sky," she persisted, and they finally packed up and went away.

Surprised? Shocked? You shouldn’t be.

What better equipment for a  peeping tom than a drone?

On a serious note, apart from espionage and targeting alleged terrorists, drones have been put to a lot of productive use such as searching for the MH370 wreck or the kidnapped Nigerian girls and delivering purchases to customers.  However, people have had their reservations and have been quite vocal about them too.

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And now those concerns seem all too real:

 “Once people begin to vandalize these copters, they'll insist on using cameras. And then what!” said bigwax on Reddit.

Fellow Redditor Built_to_Swill foresaw more, “They are painting a glorified vision of consumerism with one hand, and plotting absolute national surveillance. Sure, they got caught watching everything you've ever done online, but now? They can, and will have the ability to spectate and dictate your entire life.”

As if Google and Facebook weren’t enough to worry about, we now have drones getting up close and personal.  God knows how much, if any, privacy we’ll soon have left.

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