Another Day, Another Misogynistic Comment From GOP

Apparently women can't understand such complicated things like pie charts.

By now, it's old hat when Republican lawmakers make asinine comments about women. But it's usually the old white guys diminishing women for political purposes. 

Along comes Rep. Renee Ellmers, a North Carolina Republican, who recently urged her colleagues "bring it down to a woman’s level" when discussing policies.

Ellmers said male congressmen do such confusing things as using pie charts and graphs, talking about trillions of dollars and even talking about national debt, according to the Washington Examiner.

How can women possibly understand it all? 

Ellmers was speaking at a meeting with conservative women about changing the GOP's image of waging a "war on women." Here's a surefire way to debunk the image. Stop waging war on women, especially with these ridiculous comments that women can't understand large-picture policy debates.

Ellmers, naturally, said she was quoted out of context by "certain leftist writers" practicing "gotcha" journalism. She also denounced Washington Examiner reporter Ashe Schow as a "liberal woman reporter attacking the event and taking it to a dark place that does not exist."

But it did exist. It came from Ellmers' own mouth, and she doesn't deny it. 

Instead of getting into a she said, she said argument with Ellmers, Schow simply released the audio and written transcript of Ellmers' comments

This isn't the first time Ellmers has raised progressives' ire. 

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