"Rent Is Too Damn High" Guy Gets Eviction Notice

Is your rent 'too damn high'? The guy who coined this phrase is!
Jimmy Mcmillan the Rent Is Too Damn High


Jimmy McMillan, the guy known for his saying, "the rent is too damn high", was not kidding.

McMillan is a former NYC mayoral and gubernatorial candidate who knows all too well about the high costs of rent throughout the city. Now, he is facing eviction for failure to pay his own rent.

McMillan currently lives in the East Village, paying $872 a month. 

The case is nothing new. McMillan's landlord Lisco Holdings filed a case against him a few years ago, during which McMillan's rent payments became overdue.

McMillan told ABC news that, "I tried to pay it", but the judge refused to let him pay, and instead presented him with an eviction notice. McMillan says he even has the proof that he paid all those months.

The eviction is scheduled for February 5th, but McMillan is fighting to stay in his apartment that he's been in since 1977.

The rent really is "too damn high".

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