The New York Times “An Accomplice” In Snowden’s Actions, Says Peter King VIDEO


Republican Peter Kingcriticized the New York Times editorial – published by its Editorial Board January 1 – that called on the Obama administration to grant former NSA contractorEdward Snowden clemency for his revelations on U.S. espionage.

He went as far as calling the publication ‘apologists for terrorists.’

The Congressman made this statement in an interview with Fox News on Thursday. He suggested that the behavior of media outlets like The Guardian and The Times were as if they were engaged in a conspiracy with the whistleblower.

Watch Video to hear his rant.

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Ever since June 2013, when Snowden blew the whistle on secret U.S. intelligence surveillance programs, spying at home and abroad, the country’s present government has come under national and international criticism for violating constitutional rights, invadingthe privacy of the American people and violating the sovereignty of foreign countries. It has often been debated whether what he did was heroic or treason.

Human rights proponents including activists and prominent figures like Tim-Berners Lee, Jimmy Wales and Julian Assange have appreciated Snowden. However, there are many who call him a traitor and a defector, like Peter King in the video above.

He also mentioned incidents from the previous year when King demanded punishment for all the journalists who published classified information provided by whistleblowers, condemning such news stories as a breach of national security

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Do you agree with Peter King? Do you think the Times is an accomplice in Snowden’s actions? If you have an opinion to share you can do so in the comments section below.

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