Report Reveals Mexican Officials Are Sexually Torturing Women

Cierra Bailey
Amnesty International released a new report that exposes Mexican law enforcement’s sexual crimes against women amid the country’s “war against drug cartels.”

Law enforcement in Mexico

Amnesty International released a report Tuesday that revealed women in Mexico are being sexually tortured by law enforcement officials.

Mexican officials are accused of using aggressive groping, violent threats, beatings, gross genital trauma, and rape as methods to coerce confessions.

Amnesty International reportedly interviewed 100 women imprisoned in Mexico who all experienced at the very least, “verbal or psychological violence.”

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Every level of law enforcement is carrying out these heinous acts including army and naval officers — 97 percent of the imprisoned women who were interviewed reported enduring physical violence and 72 percent said they had been sexually assaulted.

"Women are often targeted because of their gender, their bodies are often used in a certain way and targeted in a certain way, and we often see women from disadvantaged backgrounds are the ones that are the easiest targets for authorities," Madeleine Penman, a researcher who contributed to the report, reportedly told the New York Times.

Women are allegedly the direct targets for arrest to make it look as if law enforcement is making progress in its war against drug cartels; however, many of the incarcerated and abused women were charged with bogus crimes. 

“A lot of the arrests that were carried out in this report were arbitrary arrests,” Penman said. “Arbitrary arrests often lead to torture.”

Amnesty International’s new report aims to expose these practices and serve as a call to action to President Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration in hopes of putting a stop to this oppressive, misogynistic, inhumane behavior.

Of course, their efforts are met with struggle as the various departments and prisons work diligently to suppress information surrounding these acts.

According to Mic, the minister of the interior and his office’s undersecretary for human rights even tried to block Amnesty International’s research. 

Hopefully this report — which is currently just documented words — translates into action.

Law enforcement is supposed to protect civilians. People should not be made to fear for their lives in police custody.

Furthermore, targeting women is just plain cowardly — proving nothing more than the fact that these “officers” are unworthy of being trusted to uphold the law. 

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