Report: Syrian Government To Crack Down After Violent Protests

The Syrian government issued a stern warning Saturday after weeks of protests turned especially deadly this week.

"The Ministry of Interior affirms that there is no more room for leniency or tolerance in enforcing law, preserving security of country and citizens and protecting general order under the pretext of demonstration, which we still consider a healthy state," the ministry said, according to the official Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

"The Syrian authorities, in order to preserve the security of the country, citizens and the governmental and services establishments, will confront these people and those behind them according to the law which specifies the conditions for using weapons," the ministry also said.

Conflicting reports have surfaced about who is firing weapons in Syria's unrest and who is dying from the gunfire.

On Friday, Syrian security forces fired on protesters in a show of force after Friday prayers in Daraa, leaving at least 22 unarmed civilians dead, a doctor told CNN.