Reporter Halts Live Coverage To Save Dog From Flood

News agencies in Peru are busy covering the devastating floods sweeping the country, but one reporter showed the world that there's always time for kindness.

In the midst of life-threatening floods in Peru, kindness made the news.

Reporter Aaron Rodriguez stopped live coverage of the flooded streets of Piura to rescue a dog struggling to stay afloat. 

Rodriguez had traveled to the northern region of Piura for his broadcasting company, Latina Noticias, to report on the dangerous flooding in the area. While reporting and standing waist deep in water, he noticed an exhausted dog swimming desperately between the flooded streets, searching for land.

Rodriguez temporarily abandoned the story at hand. Holding his microphone, mobile phone, and cables in one hand, he grabbed the dog with his other and then waded through flood water until he reached safety.

The BBC reported on March 28 that 15 hours of downpour, the most rain the region had seen in a decade, caused the floods. Four people drowned and 500 had to be evacuated from the town of Catacaos.

Accoridng to reports, unusually warm waters off the coast, or what scientists are calling a "coastal El Nino," has also caused flooding in areas around the country's capitol, Lima. The death toll there has reached 98 with almost 200,000 homes devastated. 

Amidst the chaos and trauma of a natural disaster, stories like these keep hope alive, and people like Rodriguez inspire us.

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