This Republican Candidate's Ad Campaign Is Shamefully Racist

Republican Lee Terry’s horribly racist ad campaign just goes to show how far politicians will go to get elected.

Rep. Lee Terry (R-NE) is using a tattooed, screaming black male to scare people into voting for him. He promises stricter laws and safety.

The ad features Terry’s opponent Democrats Brad Ashford and Nikko Jenkins, a convicted American spree killer known for committing four murders in Omaha, Nebraska, in August 2013. It appears within a month of Jenkins' having been paroled after a 10-year prison sentence for unrelated armed robbery and assault charges.

Now he is the bait being used by Terry defending his seat in the House of Representatives.

The ad criticizes Ashford for not supporting measures to toughen to the “good time” law while he was chairman of the state legislature’s Judiciary Committee and promises to change things.

“This repellent, race-baiting ad has no place in America, and national Republicans should apologize and take it down immediately,” said Ashley Lewis, a spokeswoman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Republicans should be ashamed that they have resorted to divisive rhetoric, playing up racial stereotypes and fear-mongering to save their sinking candidate.”

The ad is not only in extreme bad taste, it’s also inaccurate and misleading. Using a black man as a bogeyman for a predominantly white city is underhanded, especially when according to the Violence Policy Center, Omaha is the most dangerous city in America for black people.

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