Republican Chair Launches "Lazy Blacks" Rant On Daily Show & Gets Fired (Video)

A Daily Show interview quickly led to the resignation of one Republican Party County Chairman in North Carolina. Watch, it's amazing.

A Daily Show interview quickly led to the resignation of one Republican Party County Chairman in North Carolina. Daily Show anchor Aasif Mandvi had a conversation with Don Yelton, the Chairman of Buncombe County in North Carolina (which includes Asheville at its center), about the Republican Party’s restrictive voter ID law. It doesn’t take much to realize that the voting laws pushed through many Republican Party dominant states are designed to suppress the vote of students, millennials and minorities, all of whom tend to vote Democrat. Yelton didn’t tried to hide that. He also didn’t try to hide the fact that he is a massive racist.

“The bottom line is, the law is not racist,” Yelton declares.

“Of course the law’s not racist,” Mandvi agrees, “and you’re not racist.”

Yelton can’t just nod along with that statement, because he is racist, and he knows it. Instead of just declaring his own lack of racism with the same clarity that he declared the North Carolina law that makes it harder for black people to vote not racist, he makes this face:

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And then the pressure pushes off the cork, and Yelton goes on a ramble about just how racist he is.

“Well, I’ve been called a bigot before….when I was a young man, you didn’t call a black a black, you called him a negro….There was a picture of Obama sitting on a stump looking like a witch doctor, and I posted that on Facebook.” He also throws in a mention of “lazy blacks” who won’t go to the DMV and get an ID.

Yelton also said the real reason why North Carolina passed this voter law: “The law is going to kick the Democrats in the butt.”

But what about the integrity of elections, isn’t that what this is about?

“Right here in Buncombe County, there’s always one or two that vote twice every year.”

“One or two million people?!” exclaims Mandvi.

“No, one or two people….One or two out of sixty thousand.”

Yelton was shown the proverbial door by the Buncombe Republican Party, and they immediately released a statement distancing Yelton from the party:

“Mr. Yeltons comments are offensive, uniformed, and unacceptable of any member within the Republican Party. In no way are his comments representative of the local or state Republican Party.”

True, Yelton doesn’t represent the entire Republican Party in North Carolina, but the entire party is behind the partisan, racist voting law, and that is a travesty.

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