Republican Lawmaker Beats His Wife As His Children Beg Him To Stop

The politician’s wife said he stopped hitting her only after noticing she was bleeding and hearing the children screaming.

South Carolina Republican politician Chris Corley can be heard on a 911 call assaulting his wife, while his children plead with him to let her go.

"Just stop Daddy. Just stop...Daddy, why are you doing this?'' the child can be heard in the background.

The tape is of a call made Monday evening to the local police, and was then released to the local media. In another call, Corley’s mother-in-law tells the dispatcher, "He beat his wife and he's threatening to kill himself.''

According to the complaint lodged against Corley, he hit his wife on the face and neck with a closed fist. An 8-year-old witnessed the assault. The 36-year-old has three children with his wife.

In a statement to the police, Corley did not admit to domestic assault.

According to him, his wife accused him of cheating on her and lunged at him. To save himself, he pushed her away. His wife corroborated his account to the extent that she affirmed he was caught cheating.

Corley allegedly beat his wife until he noticed blood oozing out of her head, and heard his children yelling. He went outside to his car, and returned with a handgun. He pointed the gun at his wife, and threatened he was going to kill himself, then went inside a room, police said.

Corley is Republican state representative in South Carolina who previously voted for legislation toughening up punishment for domestic abuse. Apart from that, Corley is known for his problematic, and rather tone-deaf, stance on important issues.

In July last year, when the Confederate flag was removed from the state capitol building after a white supremacist went on a killing spree, Corley fought to keep the flag flying outside the South Carolina state house. In a debate, he said that the Confederate flag should be replaced by the white flag of surrender and rebuked his colleagues in a Christmas card for lacking morals.

Corley has been charged with first-degree assault and holding a firearm at a person. He faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

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