Republican David Vitter Politicizes Paris Massacre In New Attack Ad

Those who thought something as big and tragic as the Paris attacks would make our politicians a little humble… well, Sen. David Vitter proved them wrong.

In the aftermath of the devastating attacks in Paris, allegedly conducted by terrorist organization Daesh, the latest plan of action for the American politicians seems to be rather simple: put the blame on Syrian refugees fleeing their homeland because of the havoc caused by the said extremists.

In fact, following the Friday’s massacre, more than two dozen U.S. governors have already announced they will refuse to accept migrants from the war-torn country to settle down in their state.

Current Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was also among the ones who signed an executive order designed to ban the refugees. However, with a run-off election for governor just around the corner, a Republican senator has taken the entire thing a step (or two) further by making an attack ad that most may deem “too soon.”

Sen. David Vitter’s new campaign ad features clips from the deadly Paris attacks, and is targeted at his Democratic opponent John Bel Edwards who seems to be doing better in polls.

“Obama is sending Syrian refugees to Louisiana & John Bel Edwards pledged to work with him to bring them here!” the ad’s caption read on Twitter.

While everyone is entitled to their opinion, demonizing the poor people who had to leave their homes in order to save their lives while politicizing a mass tragedy seems like a last-moment attempt out of desperation.

Watch the attack ad in the video above.

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