When Will The Right Wing And GOP Stop Talking About Benghazi?

Republicans and the right wing media seem intent to keep on raising hell over the Benghazi tragedy. Don't they have better things to attack?

Senator Lindsey Graham GOP Republican

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) speaks smugly to reporters recently.  He is currently holding the Benghazi attack banner for reasons that mystify us. (Image Source: Reuters)

Today, in a refrain that has been repeated nearly a dozen times since it happened, the right wing media and Republicans went bonkers over a report broadcast by CBS' 60 Minutes news program on the attack of the diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, which left 4 dead in 2012, including Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens.  In it, there were claims that the White House did little to protect their ambassador and fellow Americans from what was a "planned, sophisticated" militant attack.  However, the right wing's response has been, again, to blow this extremely out of proportion, with Senator Lindsey Graham claiming he will block any every Presidential appointment until Congress hears from survivors of the Benghazi attack.  Of all the things that the right wing could focus their time on, why Benghazi, a clearly unfortunate incident that nevertheless had only a tiny amount of impact on the country's security?

The amount of time spent investigating the Benghazi attacks were initially sufficient, with investigations coming from the Senate, the FBI, and the State Department.  All of them said essentially the same thing:  The State Department screwed up big time in not hiring enough guards to protect the diplomatic mission, especially given Benghazi's unstable situation.  However, the House of Representatives, burning with intent, continue to investigate the Benghazi incident, claiming to leave no stone unturned.  This would be fine, except there are now five House committees dedicated to investigating the Benghazi attack, as well as the aftermath, including the Oversight and Government Reform Committee because, you know, reasons.  That is overkill, not to mention a waste of government resources.

It is understandable that the Republicans leading the Benghazi investigation are mostly conducting them for political brownie points of some kind, to be paid later in votes in next year's election or for some time on the right-wing media circuit.  But it is getting old.  People have accepted that the State Department screwed up and have moved on, to the point that nobody really cares anymore about the Benghazi attacks.  There are plenty, plenty of other things to criticize and attack President Obama.  The catastrophe that is HealthCare.Gov, for one.  The still-really-sluggish economy, another.  The NSA, a third!  Then again, with that last one, some Republicans are really with the President.

So, really, why continue investigating an incident with a zeal that could only be sufficient if the attack was that of, say, September 11, 2001?  It just does not make much sense anymore.  Give it up, already.

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