Republicans Are Totally Down To Bomb Aladdin’s Fictional City

30% of Republicans support bombing Agrabah—it's time for Aladdin, the Genie, and Jasmine to get the hell out of town.


Even poor Aladdin isn’t safe from the bomb-hungry Republicans—a new poll released today by Public Policy Polling states that 30 percent of Republicans said they would support bombing Agrabah. A fictional city. In a children’s movie.

This is so ridiculous that the Public Policy Polling had to explicitly state they were “#NotTheOnion” in the tweet with the information.

13 percent of Republicans opposed bombing it, while 57 percent were not sure. Let’s hope “not sure” translates to “we can’t because it doesn’t exist.”

However, it wasn’t only Republicans who were fooled. 19 percent of Democrats said they would support bombing, while 36 percent said they would oppose it. It seems everyone, regardless of political affiliation, needs a solid geography course.

The internet reacted hilariously, as it usually does, to this information:

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @HuffPostUKPol 

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