Republicans Return Donations From White Supremacist Leader

Republicans are fast returning charity from the white supremacist cited by the Charleston shooter as an inspiration.

There is such a thing as bad donations. 

Several 2016 GOP candidates are now trying to distance themselves from donations given by Earl Holt, a white supremacist leader who was cited by the Charleston shooter as an inspiration. Holt is president of the Council of Conservative Citizens, which the Southern Poverty Law Center says is a "crudely white supremacist group" that "referred to black people as 'a retrograde species of humanity.'"

Understandably, once the politicians found out that the money had come from someone so hateful, announcements of returning the money or otherwise donating the money started pouring in.

Since 2004, Holt has donated $65,000 to several Republican politicians according to The Guardian, including Ted Cruz (who received the most at $8,500), Rand Paul and Rick Santorum. 

Strangely, one of the Republicans Holt donated to was Mia Love, an African American elected to the Utah House of Representatives last year. She said through a spokesperson that she had returned Holt's donation. Ted Cruz at first also said that he would be returning all of Holt's donations, but later decided to donate the contributions to the Mother Emanuel Hope fund, which will going towards the families of the victims of the Charleston shooting. 

Rand Paul and Rick Santorum joined Cruz, saying that they would donate the money to the Mother Emanuel Hope fund as well. 

At least Holt's money will now be used to help heal a wound that he contributed in making. 

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