Rescue Of Trapped Miners In Chile To Begin Soon

(Source : Ap) A world mesmerized by a 68-day tale of true grit expects a joyful ending Tuesday in a desolate patch of Chile's Atacama Desert. One by one, 33 miners, trapped in a gold and copper mine since the start of August, will put on green coveralls made of moisture-resisting material and personalized with names like Raul Enriquez Bustos Ibanez. Juan Illanes Palma. Alex Vega Salazar. The oldest is 63. The youngest, only 19. Rescuers at the Chilean mine said the concrete base built for the winch system at the San Jose Mine had hardened, paving the way for the rescue of the miners to begin late Tuesday. "We hope to finish the day with at least one miner on the surface," said Mining Minister Laurence Golborne. The miners will also have on fresh underwear and socks when they climb into a claustrophobic capsule only a little wider than the span of their shoulders.They will be instructed on the communications equipment and the oxygen supply inside the rescue tube. And they will put on special goggles to protect their eyes -- which have become accustomed to the vampiric darkness of the caved-in mine -- from the lights up above. Then the order to hoist will ring out and each man will begin a slow, bumpy, upward journey through half a mile of rock. Each time a miner comes out, a siren, like that of an ambulance, will sound. Chilean Health Minister Jaime Manalich told families not to panic when they heard the siren. In this case, it was not being used for something bad, he said. Only to herald the arrival of a moment as joyous as a baby's entrance into he world. The miners have been placed on liquid diets in case they vomit on the way to the surface and they have been exercising for an hour a day.