If Smoking Was Bad in 1964, It's Suicidal in 2014

June 25, 2014:It's never a good time to start smoking, but it's the worst to be doing it now.


Cigarettes, in the form we know, have been around for several centuries, but never before has their usage been as dangerous as it is now.

A study byCampaign for Tobacco-Free Kids reveals that the tactics invented and implemented by cigarette makers in the past 50 years have made their products more addictive, irresistible and dangerous than ever before.

The charity's doctors believe that the cigarette brandwidely available in the market these days pose a far greater threat to smokers from a medical point of view than those sold in 1964 – the year when its health risks were first reported.

In the ensuing five decades, efforts to curb the world's smoking habits have gained momentum,but they've failed to bring about any actual results. Dipsin a few developed nations aside, the rest of the world's smoking contingent has been growing by an average of 3.4 percent annually, although average consumption per user is lower than in 1964.

The reason behind this hike may have just been explained in Tobacco-Free Kids' infographic down below. It has exposed the tactics that big cig companies employ to lure customers in.


So, basically, tobacco makers have cranked it up a notch from every possible harmful aspect. As a result, the smoker of 2014 runs a far greater risk of developing lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases than those who were indulgingin the same disgusting habit fifty years ago.

"They took a deadly and addictive product and made it worse, putting smokers at even greater risk of addiction, disease and death," the report, Designed for Addiction, says. "[It is] clear that tobacco products – and cigarettes in particular– are highly engineered to expand the appeal of these products and facilitatethe consumption of and addiction to nicotine, a highly addictive drug.

"Tobacco companies also know that almost all new smokers begin their addiction as
children and that smoking is distasteful for new smokers, so they carefully
design the product to appeal to this important market. The companies have spent huge sums to research the design of their products and ensure theyachieve these goals, even if the impact of these changes also makes the product more dangerous."

So all of you out there, if you haven't touched a cigarette yet, then maintain your distance from it. That's because what's circulating in the market these days is cold hard poison, nothing else.

Here's something to strengthen your abstinence:


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