Mexico's Perverted Version Of The Ice Bucket Challenge Is Deadly

Unlike the original Ice Bucket Challenge, this one is extremely dangerous and not for a noble cause.

Do you remember the ice bucket challenge craziness that trended on social media and captivated everyone for several months? People pouring ice cold buckets of water over their heads was one of the biggest fads of 2015 and it helped raise awareness and money about the neurodegenerative disease ALS.

A viral challenge similar in method but extremely dangerous (and not for a any good cause to boot) has surfaced online in Mexico. In Reto del pasesito, cokeheads snort a line of cocaine and nominate others to film themselves doing drugs.

The Ice Bucket Challenge Involves Snorting Cocaine

While the original ice bucket challenge was all about dousing yourself with a bucket of water to raise money for ALS research, its Mexican successor essentially only encourages the use of hardcore drugs.

You would think that people wouldn't be stupid enough to fall for it, but apparently a number of people have filmed and put their videos of cocaine use online. In fact, hashtags were made and pages set up on social media sites to promote Reto del pasesito before authorities began a crackdown against it.

The Ice Bucket Challenge Involves Snorting Cocaine

Facebook and Twitter are trying to keep it from trending so that youngsters don't try and replicate it, but Reto del pasesito does exist outside their reach. It's time for authorities recognize this worrying trend in the early stages before it snowballs into something bigger and uglier.

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