Scholar Destroys Bill Maher’s Take on Islamic Violence, Leaves CNN Anchors Speechless

September 30, 2014: This is an extremely important counter-argument to Bill Maher’s frequent Islamophobic rants on his show.

Iranian-American author and religious scholar Reza Aslan appeared on CNN to discuss HBO late-night show host Bill Maher’s commentary about Islamic violence and oppression.

The interview came after Maher criticized liberals for not doing enough to counter terrorism in Muslim nations while closing his show last week.

Aslan, who was the subject of one of Fox News’ most embarrassing interviews of all time, was invited by CNN hosts Don Lemon and Alisyn Camerota to comment on Maher’s tirade.

The writer said while the claims put forward by the comedian might sound reasonable in the wake of ISIS terrorism in the Middle East, those were still, in point of fact, “unsophisticated facile arguments” that tarnish the image of all Muslim nations in the world.

Citing female genital mutilation as an example, Aslan explained that is an African problem – a cultural problem – and not a religious one, adding there are Muslim-majority nations where women are treated better, chosen as leaders and enjoy all kinds of freedom.

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Aslan also had a heated debate with the two hosts. He told them that “using two or three examples to justify a generalization” is actually the definition of bigotry.

When Camerota argued with him on whether he seriously thinks there’s no common thread between Muslim countries – if they are not all the same – Aslan answered:

“To say Muslim countries, as though Pakistan and Turkey are the same… it’s frankly, and I use this word seriously, stupid!”

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Watch the complete interview in the video below.

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