Richard Dawkins Thinks Ahmed Mohamed Is Like An ISIS Child Terrorist

The evolutionary biologist took to Twitter to make some absurd comparisons about "clock boy" Ahmed Mohamed.

Ahmed Mohammed, the boy who brought a clock to school in September and was arrested for bringing a “bomb,” recently made claims seeking $15 million from the Texas School District due to civil rights violations. Richard Dawkins, noted evolutionary biologist, decided to take his qualms with this to Twitter:

Many individuals have theorized that Mohammed did not build the clock himself, but simply took a working clock apart and tried to pass it off as his own. Others have taken this further, saying that he put in a metal box on purpose, intending it to look like a bomb. Those defending him argue that even if this is true, he is only a youngkid, which Dawkins vehemently disagrees with.

Dawkins later tried to defend this comparison:

Regardless of the reality of the bomb hoax theory, the Islamophobia he experienced was unacceptable, and comparing him to an ISIS child executioner is a deplorable move on Dawkins’s part. He should really stick to talking about evolution.

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @CNN

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