He Loves Trees Enough To Marry Them

Richard Torres has a point. We wish more people would see things his way.

He Loves Trees

Peruvian actor and activist Richard Torres went a step further than normal to show his love for trees – he married one.

No, let’s correct that, he married two!

People gathered in Bogota's national park to witness the event.

The wedding was a fanfare occasion: There were guests and photographs as Torres tied the knot. Young girls placed fruits and vegetables at the base of a tree as offerings.

His bizarre wedding has created a buzz all over the world:

This is exactly what he wanted.

Richard Torres hoped his symbolic marriages would create enough excitement to raise people’s awareness about man-made environmental problems in the world. 

Here’s a glimpse at his first wedding in 2013 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He also asked the rebels from Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia to start planting trees instead of waging wars at his latest wedding.

We don’t know if the rebels will heed his request, but we respect his spirit and love for nature.

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Though there are many ways of saving the planet, marrying a tree does speak volumes.

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