Rick Santelli Goes On Massive Rant, Storms Off CNBC

Rick Santelli, professional television ranter worked himself up into quite a tizzy over an op-ed he had read that morning, then stormed off before anyone could respond.

Rick Santelli, tea party favorite and tirade-specialist went on a giant rant (starting at 2:24) on CNBC about rich people who support tax fairness--a.k.a. raising taxes on the rich--and then use tax loopholes to avoid paying higher rates. Preferring to make a dramatic exit rather than stick around for an actual discussion, Santelli outraged his way off camera. Rants are always better when you don't give anyone a chance to deflate the answer by responding to you.

Wealth disparity is worthy of outrage, but Santelli doesn't actually say what he wants to happen. The outrage also stemmed from an op-ed he had read earlier that morning, so apparently he had been bottling it up until he was on T.V. Sounds exhausting.

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