Right-Wing Pastor Claims Paris Victims Were 'Devil-Worshippers'

A religious leader said during his radio show that the Bataclan massacre in Paris was the "wrath" of God.

Right-wing pastor Kevin Swanson spoke about the Nov. 13 Paris Attacks on a recent episode of his show, Generations Radio. His comments were no doubt controversial as he called the 89 victims of the Bataclan massacre, “devil-worshippers.”

Apparently, Swanson thinks that God is angry that America allows same-sex marriage and the shootings at Bataclan were a sign of the Lord’s wrath, according to the Daily Beast.

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“They’re symbolic to what’s happening in our entire society today, and when you get a wake-up call like what happened at France’s 9/11 last Friday night at the concert, I think we all need to pay attention to what’s happening,” said Swanson.

“This is a message from God. God is shooting a shot across the bow and we better be paying attention to this. Music matters, culture matters,” he added.

Swanson also referenced the fact that the Eagles of Death Metal had just begun singing “Kiss The Devil” when the gunmen opened fire.

“At the moment they were singing that, the devil himself, or at least the devil influencing these murderers, entered in showed the concertgoers the works of the devil,” he said. “Now at that point,” he continued, “I think we need to ask concert-goers, at least those who survived, ‘Did you love the devil and did you love the devil’s works as your friends were being shot up in that massacre?’”

He then followed up by saying he doesn’t choose a side between ISIS and the victims.

“These ISIS devil-worshippers have pitted themselves against humanist devil-worshippers. I’m not on either side here,” Swanson explained. “I’m not taking the side of the devil-worshippers performing the concert; I’m not on the side of ISIS who are slaughtering the devil-worshippers inside the concert. I’m not on neither side.”

What kind of pastor are you?!

Keep in mind, Swanson is the same religious leader who hosted the “Freedom 2015: National Religious Liberties Conference” featuring Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and Bobby Jindal — all White House hopefuls at the time.

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How dare he, it has barely been two weeks since tragedy struck Paris — the bodies of the victims barely laid to rest — and he makes these insensitive, outlandish statements. As if people who were out just trying to have a good time deserved their lives to be stolen by terrorists because of the type of music they enjoy?!

Those are certainly not the words you expect to be uttered from someone responsible for spreading the ‘word of God.’

To hear the blasphemous rant straight from the horses mouth, listen to the recording below. 

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