Rizzuto Death Signals Demise Of Mafia Clan

Montreal police continue to scour the woods behind the mansion of slain mobster Nicolo Rizzuto, searching for clues left by a lone gunman who shot the elderly Mafioso through a window Wednesday night.

The bold assassination made headlines around the world and could be the final blow against the once-dominant Rizzuto crime family, whose influence appears to have declined in recent years.After an overnight investigation, authorities pulled down orange police tape that cordoned off Antoine Berthelet Avenue, a quiet street in northwest Montreal dubbed ""Mafia lane"" because it is home to several members of the Rizzuto clan.

But officers with the major crimes unit are still combing the dense pine woods behind Rizzuto's stately mansion, where police believe the gunman lurked before shooting the patriarch through a kitchen window.

""The shot came from someone that was outside the home, probably somewhere in the woods ... and hit the victim in the upper body,"" said Const. Raphael Bergeron.

Two women, believed to be Rizzuto's wife and daughter, witnessed the murder and were treated for shock. Police have no suspects at this time."