Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's Crack Video Recovered By Police

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair has announced that police have recovered the alleged video of Mayor Rob Ford buying crack from a dealer.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is now having a horrifying Halloween, the type which does keep you up at night and gives you nightmares when you sleep.  Back in May 2013, a drug dealer came forward with the revelation that Ford was buying drugs, particularly crack cocaine, from him.  The dealer claimed he even had footage shot of the alleged transaction, and showed it to American and Canadian media outlets.  Now, following a series of drug raids by the Toronto Police Service, Police Chief Bill Blair announced they may have indeed recovered the video in question, confirming Ford's presence in the video.  Ford is now subject to a criminal investigation for buying crack.

The story began in May, when the dealer, who deals to famous Toronto residents, revealed the video to Gawker and the Toronto Star.  The video clearly showed Rob Ford, in all his informal glory, smoking crack with the dealer.  After a while, the videos were deleted, prior to Toronto police seizing hard drives as part of a series of drug raids known as Project Traveller on June 13.  The police sought to recover data from the hard drives, and began staking out both Ford and his associates.

Things accelerated when police arrested Sandro Lisi, Ford's driver, for drug trafficking in early October.  Today, Toronto police dropped a 500 page search warrant, which includes information confirming Ford's drug use and subsequent criminal investigation, and led to Lisi's second arrest for extortion.  It also confirmed that Lisi knew of his being watched by police.  Police Chief Blair then said that they were able to recover the video, and remarked that he was "disappointed" in what he saw.

If there was any advice we could give to Mayor Rob Ford, we would suggest he call a fellow ex-mayor who suffered greatly for smoking crack, yet survives in city politics to this day:  Washington D.C.'s Marion Barry.

(Image Sources:  Reuters, Toronto Police Service)

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