Rob Ford Inspires Hilarious Fake Campaign Signs All Over Toronto

There are fake election campaign signs targeting Mayor Rob Ford popping up all over Toronto. Here’s the story behind them.

Who better a target for the people of Toronto than their wayward mayor?

Drugs, drinks, rowdy behavior- he has it all under his belt. Even if Ford wants to leave it all behind, he can’t because there are now signs all over the city to remind him of his deeds.    

Last year, a leaked cell phone video showed him inhaling from a glass pipe usually used for smoking crack cocaine. After six months of evading the question, he finally came clean about his drug use in November.

With the Mayoral Election scheduled for October 27 this year, it comes as no surprise that many people are targeting the incumbent mayor; especially since he is seeking a second consecutive term in office.

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There’s actually a campaign against Rob Ford called No Ford Nation and its founders are the ones who decided to launch an attack on the mayor.

“For over three and a half years Rob Ford has been damaging our city’s reputation. With the upcoming election we have a chance to turn things around by electing someone who is qualified to be our mayor. Our mission is to ensure that the next mayor is a genuine leader that can properly represent Toronto. It’s up to voters to choose someone fit for the job,”  it says on their site.

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Robert Bruce "Rob" Ford, the 64th Mayor of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, was first elected to the City Council in the 2000 municipal election. He was reelected to his council seat twice. He was elected mayor in 2010 amid promises of reducing the "gravy train" of government expenses and taxes.

It will be exciting to follow this particular electoral race.

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