This Man Drinks Urine Because He Thinks It Will Make Him Young Again

Zohaib Ahmed
Public toilets are like free pubs for this strange, strange man.

Just when we thought we had seen every kind of weird compulsive behavior on My Strange Addiction, it goes ahead and delivers the disgusting surprise of the man who suffers from urine drinking addiction.

An upcoming episode from the sixth season of the TLC documentary series will feature a man named Robert Wells who is addicted to drinking other people's piss. His gross habit stems from his belief that drinking urine will prevent him from aging and will prolong his life. Unfortunately, the plan hasn't quite worked out for him, and he appears to be aging quite normally like the rest of us, as his mane of gray suggests.

What's more, Wells' pee drinking addiction has gotten him in trouble with the law as well. Apparently, he preferred to drink young people's urine for reasons unknown. During one of his endeavors in public washrooms, he was collecting a child's samples when he got caught by a nosy mom.

Wells was caught by surprise when he was deemed a sex offender after the incident and is now facing five years in prison. His doctors argue that he is not a pedophile as his only interests are in the child’s urine. But not surprisingly, he’s having a hard time convincing a judge.

As disgusting as it seems, drinking urine isn't that strange a practice. Urine therapy actually exists in alternative medicine and there are a lot of people in this world who believe – without any scientific proof – that human urine has extraordinary medical and restorative properties. It's just that urine therapy involves drinking one's own urine, and what Wells does is swig other people's samples without their consent.

Still, locking him down for years over a disgusting – but harmless – addiction is quite harsh. The man is obviously in need of therapy. Prison time would do him no good. Besides, he'd find plenty of that stuff in the slammer too.

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