Rocket Attacks On Israel And Jordan Highlight How Hamas Could Use Sinai

A salvo of at least five rockets, believed to have been fired from Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, hit the Red Sea border area between Jordan and Israel on Monday morning. Three of the Katyusha rockets fell on the Israeli coastal resort area of Eilat, while the others hit outside the Intercontinental Hotel in the Jordanian resort city of Aqaba, killing one Jordanian and wounding at least three others.This was the second attack on the area believed to come from Sinai in less than four months, and it highlights ongoing concern about the extent of Egypt's control over suspected militant activity in that region. In the past, such concerns have focused on global Islamist groups believed to be operating there with the help of local Bedouins. But with the rise of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, concern is growing in Israel that the Palestinian Islamist movement – an offshoot of Egypt's banned Muslim Brotherhood – is seeking to expand its militant infrastructure into Sinai. Egypt denied that Monday's rockets were fired from Sinai, citing "heavy security" in the area. But Jordanian Minister of Information Ali Ayed told the Monitor that authorities in Amman are "very certain" the rockets were fired from outside Jordan, though he declined to speculate from where or by whom. According to a statement by the Israel Defense Forces, the IDF and Israeli police are investigating the attack in Eilat and trying to determine its source. But analysts say that neither Jordan nor Israel is likely to call Egypt