Romance After 9 P.M. Is Now A Crime In Indonesia

Don't get caught dating after 9 in Purwakarta or you'll have to marry your date.

Lovers found romancing after 9 p.m. in the Indonesian district of Purwakarta will be forcefully married, as per a new law.

In what seems like one of the most baffling rules ever, Purwakarta regent Dedi Mulyadi has banned dating, but only after 9 p.m. Unmarried couples are free to cavort in the daylight, but once the sun sets, the love prohibition comes into effect.

“The sanction will be forced marriages,” Mulyadi is quoted as saying by

To make sure that the rule is followed, Mulyadi's security brigades will make the rounds after dark. Lovebirds who defy the law may suddenly find themselves with a new spouse.

That's not just it. If the region's subdistrict council heads don't immediately enforce the law, Mulyadi has threatened to cut off their money supply.

"The bylaw must be finalized by mid-September. If they fail, their regions will not receive assistance funds,” he said.

The new law is Mulyadi's solution to so-called declining moral values among Indonesian youth and perpetual increase in the number of unmarried pregnancies in Purwakarta.

It remains to be seen whether he will be able to achieve his targets by setting a time limit on love.

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