Romney Campaign’s New Ad Targets Obama On His Failure To Work With Congress VIDEO

Romney campaign launched a new TV ad that compares President Barack Obama's first term in office with Mitt Romney's tenure as governor of Massachusetts.

The spotlight of the advertisement is on how Romney worked with a Democratic legislature whereas Obama has blamed his failure to "change Washington" on opposition from House Republicans.

The ad, called "Find a Way," in particular focuses on comments made by Obama in which he uttered disappointment and frustration at learning that he couldn't by saying "change Washington from the inside."

Romney campaign mentioned the statement in the ad as a proof that Obama had been unsuccessful to work with Congress and isn’t worthy of another chance.

The narrator says in the ad, “Most Americans believe we are heading in the wrong direction. Higher deficits, chronic unemployment, a president who admits he can't work with Congress.” He further adds, “But he says he's only had 4 years. That's all Mitt Romney needed!"

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