Romney Thought He Was Campaigning To An Older Whiter Country

Internal polls released by the Romney campaign show that their candidate thought he was dealing with an electorate that was older and whiter than the one that showed up to vote.

Internal polls from the Romney camp were revealed by an aide within the campaign, revealing that Romney thought he was dealing with an older, whiter electorate than the one that actually showed up on election day. His numbers show what the swing states would have looked like young people and Latinos not shown up in the numbers they did on election day. Via Talking Points Memo:

The campaign did extensive polling on the Saturday and Sunday before the election and averaged the two results. The actual result is listed to the right of the 2-day average. Interestingly, Romney was only a little bit off on his own numbers. A little optimistic in Colorado and New Hampshire, but not egregiously so, and about right everywhere else (even a little low in Minnesota). It is when we get to Obama’s numbers that we see the sharp break from reality.

Off by 7 in New Hampshire, 6 in Colorado, 5.5 in Iowa, 5 in Minnesota, 4 in Wisconsin and 3 in Pennsylvania. This helps explain the late push the Romney campaign made in states like Pennsylvania, Iowa and Wisconsin. There is a more significant truth here, and that has to do with the country Republicans think they are governing. It's older and whiter than the actual country. It's something that more and more Republicans are realizing now. Had they figured it out before the election, we might have had a President-elect Romney.

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