This Woman Injected Poop Water Into Husband’s IV To Kill Him

A woman who claims she “always loved her husband through sickness and in health” tried to kill him with poop water.

Woman Injects Feces

A woman from Chandler, Arizona, has been sentenced to jail for injecting feces into her husband’s hospital IV. Her family has come to her defense, citing emotional and psychological problems and arguing for leniency in her punishment.

Rose Mary Vogel, 66, was caught tampering with husband Philip’s IV line at Chandler Regional Medical Center earlier in January while he was undergoing a heart stent procedure.

The woman was found touching the pump and line by a nurse although she was advised not to touch the medical equipment. Upon further inspection, the staff noticed a brown liquid in the saline solution, which smelled of fecal matter.

Later, the police searched Rose Mary and found three syringes in her purse that contained traces of the same foul-smelling substance.

As a result of the injection, Philip got very sick but fortunately survived. However, hospital authorities say he could’ve died as feces contain harmful substances that can be lethal upon entering the bloodstream.

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Rose Mary claims she was extremely depressed at that time and had not slept for days, adding she has no memories of the incident.

“I have no recollection of any of it. I’ve always loved my husband through sickness and in health,” the woman was quoted as saying in a report by AZ Central.

As far is Philip is concerned, he says he has forgiven everything, arguing his wife’s best friend’s death contributed to her disturbed state of mind.

"(It's) nothing anyone could have foreseen, that's what makes it so tragic," Phillip told Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Robert Gottsfield. "It's so devastating on our family. Rose Mary is no danger to me."

Rose May was sentenced to four years of probation and one year of weekends in jail. She has also been ordered to undergo a mental-health screening.

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