Rush Limbaugh: ‘Muslim Women’ Like Huma Abedin ‘Don’t Have Any Power’ (VIDEO)

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh discussed how media was concentrating on Anthony Weiner’s wife role in the sexting scandal and why Huma Abedin Weiner could not have stopped Weiner from behaving inappropriately.

Anthony Weiner admitted that he is “Carlos Danger,” an internet handle he used to sext with various women after he resigned from Congress when nude pictures of him that he sent to various women were made public.

Shortly after the news sparked controversy, Abdein delivered a rather shocking statement that she was ready to forgive her husband’s ‘mistakes’ and said, “I love him, I trust him, I believe in him.

Limbaugh said, “Huma is a Muslim. In that regard, Weiner ought to be able to get away with anything.”

Muslim women don’t have any power, right?” he asked. “Muslim women are beheaded, stoned, whatever if they drive, have affairs.”

Though Limbaugh was right, absolutely right about the whole beheading and stoning but then again he was wrong for generalizing. Not all Muslim countries behead women for driving.

And then he said, “In certain countries, Muslim women, if they’re raped, are killed – it’s their fault.”

The radio host was right to an extent, again. But Huma Abedin is certainly not one of those women living in one of those countries he mentioned. After all she married a non- Muslim guy which is yet again, an abomination in many Muslim countries.

Limbaugh also related Abedin’s support for her husband with Hillary Clinton who never parted ways with Bill Clinton after the Lewinsky scandal.

Wouldn’t have looked good for Hillary,” Limbaugh said if Huma Weiner decided to leave her husband.

You can listen to Rush Limbaugh’s analysis in the link above snipped from Mediaite.

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