“Low Rent Character Bruce Springsteen” Slammed For Bridgegate Jimmy Fallon Parody And It Was Not By Chris Christie


People suspected Chris Christie would probably be the one to have a negative response to Bruce Springsteen’s parody song about the Bridgegate scandal.

However, all of them were proved wrong by Rush Limbaugh who skewered The Boss on Wednesday for making fun of Christie who happens to be one of Springsteen’s biggest fans.

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Jimmy Fallon had Bruce Springsteen on his show this week and both of them performed a parody of the Chris Christie saga – a song titled “Gov. Chris Christie Traffic Jam.” It narrated through its lyrics, the entire controversy of the George Washington bridge lane closures.

Other than the performance itself, the Fallon gig was a huge deal because Christie is a self-proclaimed Springsteen fan.

Conservative radio host and political commentator Limbaugh was appalled that Springsteen had the nerve to ridicule one of his biggest fans just because he’s a Republican.

“There's no question that's painful. The nerve of Springsteen! Governor Christie has attended over 127 Springsteen concerts. Governor Christie loves this guy. It's 127 different concerts he's attended, and he's mocked, he's made fun of,” Limbaugh said.

Referring to the first meeting between Springsteen and Christie which had the New Jersey Governor very emotional, Limbaugh said the musician ought to be ashamed of himself.

“That is really––you talk about low rent character,” he concluded.

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For more on this,listen to the audio link above.

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